I am just a guy getting bored with the everyday life of going to office and slogging 14 hrs for telecom products which i never use.To keep things a bit more interesting, I do some other stuff as well like reading a lot,long drives, a little bit of amateur photography,the last one is slowly eating into me , and takes up most of the time I can spare, so this blog although started out as random jottings has turned into a phot blog :)

Monday, December 25, 2006

live wire

live wire, originally uploaded by sayan51.

my attempt at abstract .. it's stream of water inn real life :)

the sun sets

the sun sets, originally uploaded by sayan51.

and an evening to remember ...

Saturday, December 23, 2006


ambition, originally uploaded by sayan51.

ever dream of making it big ?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

save oil avoid aids

save oil avoid aids, originally uploaded by sayan51.

saw this on NH7 ... truckers take the cake when it comes to one liners :)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

shaking hand with god

waiting for spring, originally uploaded by sayan51.

I went to shoot some photos by a lake today .. and met an interesting gentleman ..
he saw me shooting and comes to me and says ..
"i am a leader"
i am rather at a loss of word.

He says .. "my name is arjun and I am a leader"
I give a weak smile and he says .. "i like drinking"
Things are clearer to me now .. and I give a broad smile and say I like drinking too.

Then he asks me "I am god and god is ...? "
I dont really know who is god really, so I keep quiet.
He is impatient and repeats his question
"I am god and god is ...? "

"You ?" I timidly venture.

He is very happy and says "yes .. I am god and god is me"
and shakes my hand asks me whether I want some sweets .
i say no , but he doesn't listen and takes out a box from a plastic bag and gives me a milk cake and then shakes my hand again .. and this time rubs his index finger on my palm three times.. smiles and goes away ..

Anyways .. here is the pic from the lake :)